A breakthrough of sorts, the triangular airbrushed surfaces of these works are slightly reinforced, or offset, by colored light reflections emanating from the bright fluorescent paint applied to the three exterior edges of the paintings.


My first exploration of Reflected-Light possibilities took place with the “Strip-Pieces” series, and used custom cut strips of wood. Over the next few years, I turned to more complex and technically challenging aspects of this self-discovered medium. The resulting group of Reflected-Light series, in chronological order, are: “Rainbow Division” 1972-1977, “Borealis” 1974-1977, “Midrash” 1979-1980, “Meta” 1982, “Aras” 1983-1984. This section also contains a number of miscellaneous pieces, from commissions to experimentation, created between 1979 and 1984.


I work with light emitted by fluorescent color, an “Anti-Shadow,” reflected onto a white surface. The aerial landscapes, based on field patterns and threads of rivers, are pure illusion. I refine my ideas in oil pastel drawings which then become the source for new Reflected-Light works. Not simply translated into another medium, these images, painted on the aluminum extrusions, metamorphose into unique three dimensional instruments resonating with radiance. Rather than exposing the hidden cracks and flaws, my Reflected-Light Paintings use light to reveal a universe shimmering with vibrant color.



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