I have been pushed, kicking and screaming, into the digital age. After decades as an artist and educator, honing aesthetic, technical and public speaking abilities, I am testing the waters of this new ocean of communication. Dragging carousels of slides to galleries, museums and lectures has become burdensome. Slide projectors are rare, and those that do survive often serve as resting spots for coffee mugs. As a fully functional human silverback, I find the new technology both alluring and necessary.

I am what I always wanted to be, an artist. Additionally, I discovered my love of teaching, and have been an art educator since 1968. I have enjoyed a lifetime of doing exactly what I love to do, and hopefully doing it well. I am a human being, a man, a husband, father and an artist, and am fortunate to be surrounded by family, friends, colleagues and students.

Whatever I am, I am the product of my parents, Moshe and Malka. They raised me through the end and aftermath of World War II; from Uzbekistan through Poland, Israel and the US. I owe them my survival, and the love that shaped me into the person I am. My wife, the love of my life, Sara Nuss-Galles, and my children, Jeremy and Arlie Haft, have enriched and completed my existence. Our circles of family and friends validate my place in the world.

I hope that visitors find the artistic journey presented through these images and writings of interest. I have just updated my new works webpage with the inclusion of a new Heartland Series of Reflected-Light Paintings ... be sure to take a look at that I am working on and the new process.




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